2.5ft (76cm) long papercraft, inspired by one of my all time favorite super cars, the Pagani Zonda. Available for download in three stylish color variations.





Photo retouching by Ivan Lesko.


McLaren P1 McLaren P1 Paper-Super-Craft


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Pagani Zonda


Project Showcase

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Pagani Zonda Papercraft

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Visitor Submitted Photos
Pagani Zonda PapercraftDanillo Souza – Brazil
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMartin Hazenberg – Netherlands
Pagani Zonda PapercraftDuncan Riggall – United Kingdom
Pagani Zonda PapercraftVladi C. – Israel
Pagani Zonda PapercraftEmil Persic – Croatia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftChris Naviaux – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMarcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAdrian Wolfford – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftKevin Kwon – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAndrey Mironov – Russia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftCody Thompson – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftUnknown name – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftRod – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMarius Jokubauskas – Lithuania
Pagani Zonda PapercraftPhương Cao – Vietnam
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAaron Goodin – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftSalvatore Uda – Italy
Pagani Zonda PapercraftBodo Drnovsek – Germany
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMichael Scherhag – Germany
Pagani Zonda PapercraftZbyněk Kroupa – Czech Republic
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAndrzej Czubak – Poland
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAlex Gregg
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJacques Labuschagne – South Africa
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJuergen Winkler – Germany
Pagani Zonda PapercraftKhang Vu
Pagani Zonda PapercraftHyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Pagani Zonda PapercraftDmitriy Kim
Pagani Zonda PapercraftSamir Ammar – Italy
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJasson Hoskins – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAlvin Choo – Singapore
Pagani Zonda PapercraftDavid Watt – United Kingdom
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMina – Australia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJeroen Heijmans – Netherlands
Karol Pabich – Netherlands
Pagani Zonda PapercraftBayu Putra – Indonesia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftZizheng – China
Pagani Zonda PapercraftThomas Truong – Australia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAlvin Teoh
Pagani Zonda PapercraftGraham Jukes – South Africa
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMichal Cejka – Czech Republic
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJoerg Wamper – Germany
Pagani Zonda PapercraftBhuvan Raheja – India
Pagani Zonda PapercraftOscar Zuniga
Pagani Zonda PapercraftKen Taylor – England
Pagani Zonda PapercraftTonda Rudolf – Czech Republic
Pagani Zonda PapercraftRobert Yuram – Guatemala
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMike
Pagani Zonda PapercraftRodolfo Torres
Pagani Zonda PapercraftAaron Goodin – United States
Pagani Zonda PapercraftJohann Cutz – Guatemala
Pagani Zonda PapercraftTanishq Chauhan – India
Pagani Zonda PapercraftScott Voss
Pagani Zonda PapercraftVadim Rakevich – Russia
Pagani Zonda PapercraftKestutis Puriuskis – Lithuania
Pagani Zonda PapercraftMeet Patel – India
Pagani Zonda PapercraftDouali Wahid – Algeria
Pagani Zonda Papercraft

Comments for Pagani Zonda

  1. Jacques

    Hello Taras, Well, it has been 6 months since i bought the Zonda and the 4×4 … my EX gf said there is more important things in life, than papercraft. well, did i mention she’s my Ex :) I had great pleasure in building the Zonda, took me 2 weeks or so, but i’m done, now for the next big thing. :) Thanks for the great designs, how bout a Chev/Ford pick up truck.. Like the one in Stallone’s movie ? Maybe you can have a poll on your site, with Model suggestions ? :-)

  2. Michael

    I have stumbled across your website and have looked at your wonderful artistic creations. Please may I ask what may be a silly question?
    The PDF files I can purchase from your store are these plans to build the cars? And if so do they give details what materials I need to purchase to re create the models?
    Sorry if this is a obvious question.

    • Hi Michael, what you get is papercraft templates. You can download the free sample to see exactly what you get.

  3. alex

    can you make this model free please

  4. Aum

    What type of paper do I have to use to build this ?

    • Look in the left column at the top of this page.

  5. CarloM

    Can you please tell me the scale of the Zonda i would like to use it as a RC body.

    • Exact measurements are 762 x 369 x 190 mm.

  6. Daniel Crane

    how about a 98 jeep cherokee

  7. Bryan

    Just wanted to say I saw your article on Yahoo and your work is amazing!! Cant wait to order one of your kits….

  8. Khang

    Not sure where to post suggestions, but how about one of the new supercars being released: McLaren P1 (my vote), Porsche 918 spyder, LaFerrari, or even the Koenigsegg Agera R.

    Thanks, and looking forward to the Ferrari F1.

  9. Clive

    Pagani Huayra and Zonda R would be nice please.

    • Josh

      Yes that would be so cool, Zonda R would be quite difficult though

  10. Zeth


  11. richard

    how can I download it plase can you help me

    • Buy it from the Store page.

      • christian

        hey i make the bugatti here in the philippines and many typhoon survivor kids really want it!!!!!!!!
        they ask me if there are other cars, but some are disappointed because pagani and aventador is for sale and i
        dont know how to buy it!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bailey

    How do you make these? Is it a special program or something?

    • Gursafal Marwah

      check out the FAQ section

  13. Jason Tyrone

    is there a way to order a kit thats blank (no colors)?

  14. Gursafal Marwah

    hey taras, i simply love your papercrafts.Can you make some suvs and bikes.

  15. Kees

    Hi Taras! I am making the pagani and I really like your projects, and I am very vurious what your next projects will be. Could you tell me?

    • Kees

      I mean I am very curious haha

    • Hi Kees, go under Personal Work and click on the first project. Have fun building the Zonda!

      • Kees

        Cool! But actually I ment the coming projects, are you going to maka a ferrari or a yamaha or something else?

        • You’ll see all about it on my Facebook page when I get to that point.

  16. Toan

    Hi ! I have many pat of you, I want to know which type of paper you use to print pattern and what kind of glue have you used. Thank you !

  17. TeKuTo

    I never see somethink better then this

  18. kadir

    Hey I just downloaded the wheel of the zonda and when I open her asking me the password

    • Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader to avoid the password prompt.