My goal for this monstrous project was to create a customizable paper model for just about anyone to enjoy. After nearly 300 hours of work, I created 12 interchangeable kits for two standard paper sizes, allowing any hobbyist to easily build a custom Monster Craft model to their color preference and preferred level of difficulty. Additionally, for the first time on a papercraft project, I created animated instructional videos, making the assembly process even easier to follow. The completed model measurements, with an Upgrade Kit, are L:34" / W:27" / H:21" ( L:86cm / W:69cm / H:53cm )





Photography and photo retouching by Ivan Lesko. Papercraft proofing and test building by Andy Brine.


Koenigsegg One:1 Koenigsegg One:1 Paper-Mega-Craft


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Monster Craft

Customizable Paper Model

Monster Craft - Customizable Paper Model

Monster Craft - Top view

Monster Craft - Side view

Monster Craft - Upgrade kit details

Monster Craft - Rear view Upgrade Kit details

Monster Craft next to designer Taras (VisualSpicer) Lesko

Instructional Videos
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Visitor Submitted Photos
Andy Brine – United Kingdom
Paul Blackwell – United Kingdom
Marcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Vladi C. – Israel
Jörg Wamper – Germany
Michal Cejka – Czech Republic
Anatoliy Gevlakov – Russia
Sonnie Arjanto – Indonesia
Juergen Winkler – Germany
Dmitriy Kim
Song Ju Yeong – Korea
Martin Hazenberg – Netherlands
Carlos – Brazil
Johann Cifuentes – Guatemala
David Watt – United Kingdom

Comments for Monster Craft

  1. Anatoliy

    How many sheets of A4 get?

    • Michal Cejka

      Body – 41
      Underbody – 30
      Advanced Chassis – 33
      Advanced Wheels – 64
      Simple Chassis – 24
      Simple Wheels – 60
      Upgrade Kit – 24
      Stickers – 2

  2. Anatoliy

    Bought it! ) All received! ))) THANK YOU! )))

    • Thank you Anatoliy. Looking forward to seeing your build. Enjoy!

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  5. Jeff

    Hi. Firstly, your work is astonishing. Anyways, I’m fairly new to papercraft. I have patience and am generally good at anything I set my mind to, but I have a few questions before committing to a purchase.

    Would this kit be too difficult for someone who hasn’t built a model of this caliber before, or can anyone do it? Is there a skill that should be mastered elsewhere before attempting this, or if you make a mistake can you just reprint and try again?

    Next, and possibly a dumb question, is there a difference in the model between A4 and Letter Format?

    And lastly, if you had to ballpark a figure, how many hours would you estimate this model to take to complete for someone with novice ability?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Jeff. Thank you. You can do it, if you really plan on setting your mind to it. You have to know how to cut, fold, glue paper, and follow instructions. You car reprint and retry as many times as you need/want. A4 is European paper size, Letter is North American paper size. As for time estimate, build it and find out how long it takes. ;)

      • Jeff

        Good deal. It looks like my nights are about to be all full for a long time. It may be a few months from now, haha, but I will eventually report back with an end result and an answer to how long it takes a newb to do something like this.

        • Very good. Have fun and enjoy it, for as long as you need to. I look forward to seeing your build.

  6. Such a great craft. Is it possible to resize this model?
    I want to put it on my worktable.

    • Yes, you can adjust the scale in the Print dialog.

  7. piero

    hello taras
    why i can’t buy it using my paypal account?

  8. Андрей (Казань)

    Всем привет, тоже приобрел данную модель.
    Заканчиваю Zonda и скоро приступлю к созданию этого монстра.
    Очень хочется увидеть как он будет выглядеть в живую.
    Блин но вот только куда его ставить…….это вопрос.

    • I look forward to seeing your builds Andrey.

  9. Where can we buy the individual kits?

    • I only offer the bundles now, which include the individual kits.

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  11. junaid

    Hi please can I purchase the monster craft ultimate pack kit from you in otherwords can you print it and I buy it . Im from south africa and would really like to tackle this truck thanks

    • Sorry, I don’t offer printed kits for this model.

  12. junaid

    Oki so how do I go about printing the truk if I purchase the pdf. Is there a certain type of paper that gives the gloss effect. Im new to computers but really good with my hands. Can you supply me with the tools and glue that you use I can pay for it upfront if you need to order it

    • Read my FAQ page then download and try the free sample.

  13. Noam Golan


    I wanted to ask if there is only 1 size for each model.
    I must say all your models are amazing and the only reason i didn’t ordered one yet is the size.

    I used to build aircraft models (F-16, Hawkeye) so i have experience :)

    Looking forward,

    Noam Golan