The chase is on in this papercrafted hot pursuit, inspired by one of my all time favorite super-cars and video games, the Lamborghini Aventador and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This ferocious duo, the Aventador Interceptor (40 pages) and Racer (39 pages), go head-to-head in the pavement blazing Hot Pursuit Pack, with an optional Performance Wing for added oreganamic action. Measuring at 30”(76cm) long, these paper-super-crafts are ready to start a pursuit in any part of the world!





Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project.

Photo editing
Ivan Lesko (United States)

Model texturing
Virgil Tuser (Romania)

Andy Brine (United Kingdom)

Test building
Vladi Colton (Israel)

Test building
Martin Hazenberg (Netherlands)

Test building
Cody Thompson (United States)


DeLorean DeLorean Back To The Future Inspired Paper Model


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Lamborghini Aventador


Lamborghini Aventador papercraft bundle

Project Showcase

Lamborghini Aventador Hot Pursuit Pack papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Visitor Submitted Photos
Vladi Colton – Israel
Cody Thompson – United States
Martin Hazenberg – Netherlands
Michael Stolfus & Jay Crabill – United States
Bhuvan Raheja – India
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Wang Zizheng – China
Renato Macedo – Brazil
Andrzej Czubak – Poland
Wang Zizheng – China
Marcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Sonnie Arjanto
Salvatore Uda – Italy
Cody Thompson – United States
Sang Bum Cho – Korea
Tim – United Kingdom
Jurgen Winkler – Germany
Vagner Barbosa – Brazil
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Dmitriy Kim
Michael Molina – United States
Reza Nalendra – Indonesia
Christopher & Jason
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Alvin Choo – Singapore
Jasson Hoskins – United States
Gil – Italy
Nicholas Ralph – Australia
Elder Lima – Brazil
Bayu Putra – Indonesia
Racing0212 – Taiwan
Jakub Necas – Czech Republic
HanSol Jo – South Korea
Tran Thai Bao – Vietnam
Joerg Wamper – Germany
Luciano Nakamura – Brazil
Alexander Saenko – Russia
Jack Yilmaz
Karol Pabich – Netherlands
Nathaniel Achgill – United States
Rodolfo Acosta Torres
Tigran Ohanyan – United States

Comments for Lamborghini Aventador

  1. Freddy
  2. wajahat

    Hi spice, I am from Pakistan your art work is amazing but it is expensive and I cant afford It…


    It is amazing car Model.Where can i get this.I want to bulid my own car model just like that.

  4. Cleyton

    Amazing work Mr. Lesko! I have some questions. Can I build the big Lambo Interceptor with the file download? What is the gramature of paper? And for last, the size plotted is A0? Thanks!!

    • Thank you Cleyton. Yes, you can take the Aventador files I offer for download and blow them up to fit any large format paper.

  5. Lucas

    Hey, Nissan GTR or Skyline would be great!

    • Josh


  6. rj

    If I buy the interceptor, can I get it in the scale of your A-E2?

    • You can print it as big or small as you’d like, given that you have the right equipment and paper.

      • Josh

        Then how big would this be if im ordering in hard copy?

  7. James

    Hello, my name is James, and I am a very big fan of your work. I was going to pay for a download version for the Lamborghini Aventador, and for the Bugatti Veyron. But I came to a problem that I do not own a credit card, so I was wondering if you could make a system where we can pay by phone. I really want to purchase one and help you with your awesome work, but my parents are overseas and can not really ask them.

    Thank You
    Will be waiting for a reply.. kk

    • What are you paying by phone with?

      • James

        i’m planning to pay for the aventador PAPER-SUPER-CRAFT via my smart phone.

  8. david

    de tres metros de largo tambien lo haceis?? y cuanto valdria??

  9. Andrew Jonathan

    Hi, Taras Lesko All off your creation is best ! Pleasse, gift the free lamborghini Aventador Racers kit to my e-mail. Thank you!

  10. Andrew Jonathan

    Oh,yeah. Thanks for a bugatti veyron 16.4 part i feel so happy &enjoy whit the bugatti kit

  11. Josh

    How long would it take for it to come to Melbourne, Australia?

  12. Josh

    I just got the intercepter and the racer but I can’t build it right now cos I’m moving, but I can’t wait to build it. Thank you, Taras

  13. usama

    can you send me one for my birthday next year may 26 im only 12 and turning 13 26 may 2014

  14. Gursafal Marwah

    its simply awesome, it would be nice if the racer would be in a different color.

  15. Gursafal Marwah

    I just bought it, my rooms gonna be a mess right now.

  16. revel

    hi Taras what is the next project you build?

  17. Alex Renauer

    Verry nice work!!!
    You are verry blessed!
    Are you going to build the Lamborghini Veneno too?
    Please answer me.

    • Thank you Alex. I have that one on my to-do list. Not sure when and if I’ll get to it.

  18. watch this guy I make it with paper to

  19. Dennis

    I’m not sure if anybody has asked this before but is it possible to scale the project down? In particular I’m thinking about printing 2 pages on a single a4 sheet, fully aware that It may cause problems with folding and glueing the tabs. I’m just worried that the individual parts won’t fit together, because of the three dimensions.

    Anyway, amazing work, keep this great stuff going! :D

    • Scaling down works just the same as scaling up, parts will fit just the same only they will be much smaller. This will allow you to use thinner paper, something around 65lb (100gsm). Thanks Dennis.

  20. Jason

    Do you think you will make a Tesla Model S? The car is so amazing that it deserves a papercraft, and your amazingness!

    • My dream car.

      • Jason

        So I suppose you will make it? Can you please make it in red? I would love to help test-build… :)

  21. martin

    i,am buying the lambo aventado. is it possible to change the colour of the orange one to yellow ifso how do you do it ?

  22. Dennis

    I’m sorry to annoy you once again, but even the downscaled model would end up costing nearly as much as your printed version full scale. To evaluate my options i’d like to know the shipping cost to germany. Thanks :)

    • I don’t quite understand your question. Email me if you have questions about pricing.

  23. Jose luis

    Im from zapopan jalisco mexico can you send me?

  24. Jacques Cheng Ho Kwong

    Hello, sir. I want to buy the printed version of the aventador and Ferrari f1. Before I place the order, I’d like to inquire for the size of the models. Would you mind telling me the scale of them? 1:6? 1:8?

    • Hi, the Aventador is 76cm long and the Ferrari is 91cm long. I don’t measure in scale ratios.

  25. martin

    I have bought the lambo pack and wondered is it possible to change the colour of the orange lambo to yellow and if so how do you do it any help would be appreciated thanks taras

    • Sorry Martin, but it isn’t possible with the files I offer.

      • Bailey

        I am currently changed the colour of the Veyron, I just use paint to change each individual piece, it’s tricky, but do-able.

  26. Paul Schile

    Do you also do the Lamborghini Countach? or do you know of someone who does?

    • I don’t.

      • Bailey

        That would be a cool car to do

  27. Faiçal Lahlou

    can you send me please this templete to my email : pipele007@hotmail.com
    thank you so much

  28. akuzike

    hey can you please Build any of these cars?
    -Rolls royce Phantom
    -Mercedez benz G500
    -Ford Mustang GT 2012
    -bently Continental GT 2013
    -Toyota Altezza/Lexus is200-is250