The chase is on in this papercrafted hot pursuit, inspired by one of my all time favorite super-cars and video games, the Lamborghini Aventador and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This ferocious duo, the Aventador Interceptor (40 pages) and Racer (39 pages), go head-to-head in the pavement blazing Hot Pursuit Pack, with an optional Performance Wing for added oreganamic action. Measuring at 30”(76cm) long, these paper-super-crafts are ready to start a pursuit in any part of the world!





Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project.

Photo editing
Ivan Lesko (United States)

Model texturing
Virgil Tuser (Romania)

Andy Brine (United Kingdom)

Test building
Vladi Colton (Israel)

Test building
Martin Hazenberg (Netherlands)

Test building
Cody Thompson (United States)


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Lamborghini Aventador


Lamborghini Aventador papercraft bundle

Project Showcase

Lamborghini Aventador Hot Pursuit Pack papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Lamborghini Aventador Papercraft

Visitor Submitted Photos
Vladi Colton – Israel
Cody Thompson – United States
Martin Hazenberg – Netherlands
Michael Stolfus & Jay Crabill – United States
Bhuvan Raheja – India
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Wang Zizheng – China
Renato Macedo – Brazil
Andrzej Czubak – Poland
Wang Zizheng – China
Marcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Sonnie Arjanto
Salvatore Uda – Italy
Cody Thompson – United States
Sang Bum Cho – Korea
Tim – United Kingdom
Jurgen Winkler – Germany
Vagner Barbosa – Brazil
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Dmitriy Kim
Michael Molina – United States
Reza Nalendra – Indonesia
Christopher & Jason
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Alvin Choo – Singapore
Jasson Hoskins – United States
Gil – Italy
Nicholas Ralph – Australia
Elder Lima – Brazil
Bayu Putra – Indonesia
Racing0212 – Taiwan
Jakub Necas – Czech Republic
HanSol Jo – South Korea
Tran Thai Bao – Vietnam
Joerg Wamper – Germany
Luciano Nakamura – Brazil
Alexander Saenko – Russia
Jack Yilmaz
Karol Pabich – Netherlands
Nathaniel Achgill – United States
Rodolfo Acosta Torres
Tigran Ohanyan – United States
Ken Taylor – England
Shihoon Hong – Korea
Pellicciardi Loris – Italy

Comments for Lamborghini Aventador

  1. Aayan

    I Just made it it’s great but mot sure where to keep it :P
    got any ideas how to hang it on a wall?

    • I hung mine by wrapping a string between the rear wheels.

      • Aayan

        Thanks will try it out