Rapper KJ-52 was open to the idea of me building a giant paper replica of his head when I met him at Creation Festival 2010. Here's how that turned out.





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Big Head Papercraft

The making of KJ-52’s big head.

KJ-52 Big Paper Head

KJ-52 Big Paper Head

KJ-52 Big Paper Head

KJ-52 Big Paper Head

KJ-52 Big Paper Head

KJ-52 Big Paper Head
KJ-52 and I at Creation Festival 2010.

KJ-52 Big Paper Head
KJ-52’s paper head in the Blaze Torch – Logged In – muic video.

KJ-52 Big Paper Head
KJ-52 and his paper head on tour during Winter Jam 2011.

Comments for KJ-52

  1. Cheryll Kyger

    Like It, Like it, Like it!!! Fantastic job, hows it going with you two ? I have been good and really starting to open up creatively. I am working on all sorts of thing’s like clothes, writing, books ect… I would really like to get together with you soon, I have an idea I would like to show you. I am starting school on the 27th. of this month I am waiting to here from the school at any time now. so lets find a way to make it happen, ok? Love you guys! and Hope to see you soon. Cheryll.

  2. Insane amount of detail in this in person. Great job man!

  3. Slim

    ahah ! Again an amazing work ! Cheers

  4. Wonderful!! You made a really good job my friend :)

    I bring to you the greetings from italy..
    Keep up the good work!!
    You are really good!

  5. pepijn

    you use pepakura designer right.
    how can you make your one pepakura file cause I am searching on the internet but i can´t find it anywhere can you say how

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  7. me podrian enviar el molde para armar los modelos en papel


    hey man i want to buy this head from you, or any other design i want it to ride my car wearing it, i live in mexico thanks