A 2.5ft long papercraft replica of one of the world's fastest and most expensive super-cars, the Bugatti Veyron, consisting of 159 parts on 44 pages. I specifically designed this papercraft with detailed templates and instructions for any hobbyist to easily enjoy.






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Bugatti Veyron


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Watch this time-lapse video to see how the Veyron supercraft came together.

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

Visitor Submitted Photos
Bugatti Veyron PapercraftDanillo Nadask – Brazil
Andy Brine - United KingdomAndy Brine – United Kingdom
Mohammed SajalpmMohammed Sajalpm
Marcio Rodrigues - PortugalMarcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Thomas Fikar - Czech RepublicThomas Fikar – Czech Republic
Tim Gregory - AustraliaTim Gregory – Australia
Eifen Anderson - TaiwanEifen Anderson – Taiwan
Deon Vermeulen - South AfricaDeon Vermeulen – South Africa
Karol Pabich - PolandKarol Pabich – Poland
Paul Blackwell - United KingdomPaul Blackwell – United Kingdom
Rocky Chang - TaiwanRocky Chang – Taiwan
Dan Lambourne - United KingdomDan Lambourne – United Kingdom
Alvin Faustino - PhilippinesAlvin Faustino – Philippines
Salvatore Uda - ItalySalvatore Uda – Italy
Michal Cejka - Czech RepublicMichal Cejka – Czech Republic
Michael Schmulder - GermanyMichael Schmulder – Germany
David Bylina - Czech RepublicDavid Bylina – Czech Republic
Gopinath Gopalakrishnan - MalaysiaGopinath Gopalakrishnan – Malaysia
Filip Florianowicz - PolandFilip Florianowicz – Poland
Michael Rober - United StatesMichael Rober – United States
Anis Chris - IndonesiaAnis Chris – Indonesia
Suraj Prakash - IndiaSuraj Prakash – India
Omid Alizad - IranOmid Alizad – Iran
Lorenzo Falsini - ItalyLorenzo Falsini – Italy
Karol Svitler - SlovakiaKarol Svitler – Slovakia
Marcio Rodrigues - PortugalMarcio Rodrigues – Portugal
Jorg Wamper - GermanyJorg Wamper – Germany
Marcin Zdziabek - PolandMarcin Zdziabek – Poland
Daniel Burkhardt - GermanyDaniel Burkhardt – Germany
Simon Rose - United KingdomSimon Rose – United Kingdom
Vladi Colton - IsraelVladi Colton – Israel
Artem Saladin - RussiaArtem Saladin – Russia
Armin and Arash - IranArmin and Arash – Iran
Patrick Dorney - IrelandPatrick Dorney – Ireland
Hamid - IranHamid – Iran
Esat Gelmedi - TurkeyEsat Gelmedi – Turkey
Alex - United StatesAlex – United States
Bhuvan Raheja - IndiaBhuvan Raheja – India
Richard - ItalyRichard – Italy
Vaclav Rahacek - Czech RepublikVaclav Rahacek – Czech Republik
Martin Hazenberg - NetherlandsMartin Hazenberg – Netherlands
Yannick Chenne - FranceYannick Chenne – France
Wangzi Zheng - ChinaWangzi Zheng – China
Jonah Kone - United StatesJonah Kone – United States
Frank Wang - ChinaFrank Wang – China
Faris Izzun - MalaysiaFaris Izzun – Malaysia
Harm Hazenberg - NetherlandsHarm Hazenberg – Netherlands
Kevin - LaosKevin – Laos
Andrey Mironov - RussiaAndrey Mironov – Russia
Sathak - IndiaSathak – India
Angel Ortega - MexicoAngel Ortega – Mexico
Marcio Tamashiro - BrazilMarcio Tamashiro – Brazil
Zbyněk Kroupa - Czech RepublicZbyněk Kroupa – Czech Republic
Wangzi Zheng - ChinaWangzi Zheng – China
Noah - IsraelNoah – Israel
Thomas Truong - AustraliaThomas Truong – Australia
Yash Arora - AustraliaYash Arora – Australia
Bodo Drnovsek – Germany
Juergen Winkler – Germany
Michael – Taiwan
Mark Rabaev – Israel
Jeroen Heijmans – Netherlands
David Watt – United Kingdom
Dmitriy Kim
Petr Smid
Hyun-Seo Lee – Korea
Henk de Bruin – Belgium
Christopher & Jason
Jasson Hoskins – United States
Henk de Bruin – Belgium
Dmitry Korolev – Russia
Mouha Bouka – Algeria
Bayu Putra – Indonesia
HanSol Jo – Korea
Alexander Saenko – Russia
Cho June Yong – Korea
Anugrah Fitradi – Indonesia
Seandro Gomes Brito – Brazil
Ehab Elawdy – Egypt
Mario G. Hernández – Colombia
Henk de Bruin – Belgium
Sai Anuj
Rodolfo Acosta – Mexico
Nathaniel Achgill – United States
Ken Taylor – England
Yutaka Itagaki – Japan

Comments for Bugatti Veyron

  1. thank you so much

  2. Kamil

    Bugatti veyron maquette

  3. thank you so much

  4. Terry Kdashing

    Wow,this is wonderful…I like it very much..

  5. BEN

    i dont know how to download the bugatti veyron

    • Add it to the cart in the Store and check out. You will get an email with a download link.

      • Joe Han

        Please teach me by step

  6. Allen Vakhler

    What kind of glue should I use and how do I cut the pieces out of the cardstock?

  7. David Watt

    A great model, I really enjoyed the 3 weeks spent building it. I used 225gsm artist card, doubled the thickness for the door handles and mirrors, also doubled the chassis parts and added a cross-member chassis to strengthen. Also doubled the headlights, rear light clusters and rear EB Bugatti badge to make them stand slightly proud of the bodywork. To complete the model, I painted using red and black gloss for the bodywork, a clear lacquer on the wheel spokes, windows and headlights and an aluminium/silver on the roof strips and air intakes. Finally I added my own personal license plate on the front of the vehicle. See the photo 14/10/2013 which Taras has kindly added to the gallery.

    • Awesome, thanks for the feedback David!

      • Avton

        This is true for free?

  8. Percy

    Can send me a papercraf?

  9. joonsoo

    Thank you.^^

  10. yoseph

    What should I enter cupon no.

  11. Henk

    Again great job Visualspicer ,love this and so …plan to do a second version after my “attempt” with the supersport, going to try a gsv V i was not so happy with the first because of the curves ( folding ) that’s a part that can improve the lookings a lot and use other paper
    see ya

  12. Avton

    This is true for free?

  13. adam

    nice car

  14. richard

    I like auto build it because I could have a job maybe

  15. shagon

    Thank you very much for your amazing product

  16. Bruce

    I love the Bugatti Veyron, its one of my favourite cars, i also enjoy doing papercraft. When i first saw the product, i thought it wouldn’t cost too much for me to buy the template, then i look again, ITS FREE I love this template i also had a great time making it, thanks a lot and keep up the good work!!!

  17. Dmitriy Korolev

    Hey Taras.please tell me the name of the song that sounds in this video, and video about Lamborghini aventador=)

  18. joao andre

    thats cool

  19. Kanishk

    Can you please make bugatti veyron supersports or a link from where I can download it.

  20. Bailey

    Hey, is there any chance you would make a super sport version of this, like the normal super sport, but with green, not orange. My friend wants one, and it would be a really cool present. Thanks heaps!!!

    • That’s unlikely because I generally don’t come back to projects I completed years ago.

  21. Mario G. Hernández

    I deeply appreciate all your awesome talent in both, figuring out how to render in paper templates all the complexity involved in reproducing even to the most minimal details of such a great super car and also for sharing it with so many people for free…!

    • Thanks Mario, enjoy.

      • Mario G. Hernández

        Thank you Taras Lesko for publishing my Bugatti Veyron in your page. It was exciting..! I’ve noticed that everyone’s picture is also accompanied by their nationality. If you want to add it, well I am from COLOMBIA. Thank you again. Soon I’ll be sending you the money for the Lamborghini Aventador’s set of printed templates…

        • Thank you Mario, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Added your country.

  22. lucas

    what are the dimensions of the finished papercraft?

  23. Reventon

    Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador is cool! Visualspicer is a criative! Transform the Veyron othe milions seconds! :=)

  24. zoben

    hi ! thank you very much, I made this car but how did you managed to fix it on the wall ?

  25. Heitor

    hey, what is the correct type of paper?

  26. usama

    thanks for the free bugatti but can you plz send me the lamborgini aventador on my email.

  27. Irving Rodriguez

    Who is the coupon

  28. art

    thank you so much Taras Lesko its excting bugatti

  29. art

    what about yamaha

  30. Do you have a 2010 jeep srt8 ?